Zebra Paint

Coloring app for Android phones

What's new?

2013-05-01: The PRO version has launched, with new patterns and more than 100 templates. Get it on Google Play!

2013-03-13: The new version is available. Check out the video:

2010-10-05: Version 1.5 is out. It finally adds 16 new templates, now you have 40 to choose from.

2010-05-03: Version 1.4 is out. The graphics was rewritten - everything looks like HD! When you paint, when you save, when you select - it all looks crystal clear now. As a bonus the app is much smaller, now less than 100k.

What is this?

Zebra paint is a coloring app for Android phones, mainly for kids. Choose one of the 24 templates, pick your colors and start painting. When done, save it and share it with the world - send it to your friends or set it as wallpaper. It is very simple, works from age 3.

How do I get it?

You need an Android phone like the Nexus One or the T-Mobile G1. It works with Cupcake, Donut and everything newer. Simply start the Market and look for "Zebra Paint". It is completely free.

What others said

Angie: Great for my grandkids to pass time in the car! They love it! Well done app for kids!

Crystal: Surprisingly fun :) My fiance and I love it.

Nate: Love it! Ha. Sadly enough, I like it for myself, not my kid :)

Kimberlee: This is a great app. Really entertaining for little ones. Just like a coloring book.

What's next?

More templates is by far the most requested feature - I am working on it.